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That is, speech, podcast, lecture, etc.

A conversation about “crossborder collaborative journalism”

A recent round of dialogue with Fang Kecheng and Susie Wu respectively on crossborder collaborative journalism:

With Susie (Editor-in-chief, Initium Media) : article (in Chinese)

With Fang Kecheng (Assistant Professor of Journalism and Communication from CUHK): a podcast (in Chinese)

The Weirdo Podcast

A podcast (2021, March 20) with The Weirdo (不合时宜) podcast about being a journalist, a women and an immigrant.

Listen (in Chinese): here

The China in Africa Podcast

A podcast (2020, Sept 25) with The China in Africa podcast about China’s distant fishing fleet.

Listen (in English): here


A speech (2019, Oct 27) titled “在边界,在孤岛” (Boundaries and Islands) about my international reporting at Yixi.

Watch (in Chinese): here

or with English subtitles: here

A Journalism School Lecture

A lecture (2019, April) about cross-border journalism

Read (in Chinese): here