Hi there!

My name is Ning Hui or Lulu. I am a senior journalist and editor for Initium Media, an in-depth reporting Chinese media based in Hong Kong with an audience across the Great China region. I lead the Initium international news desk.

Until 2017 I was Chief Europe Reporter for Globus, Caixin Media, an investigative news outlet in Mainland China.

I report on local and international issues: foreign labor in Qatar, post-war constructions in Ukraine and Syria, urban violence in Colombia, border issue of US-Mexico, the rise of the AI sexbot, the decline of international adoption, among others.

A distinct tangent of my writing since 2016 investigates how today’s China interacts with the rest of the world: they are Chinese traders and investors in the jungles of Mozambique, Congo, and Amazon, fully packed Made-in-China goods in a commercial center near Warsaw, Chinese companies lobby European politicians or a yogurt brand a Chinese company borrowed from Bulgaria, to name a few.

As a freelance journalist, I published (in English) in The Guardian, Quartz, Foreign Policy, and (in Chinese) in Caixin, Qdaily, Esquire, and Rhythms Monthly.

My story on Local indigenous Communities’ legal actions to stop Chinese mining companies in Amazonian Ecuador received SOPA 2020 Award for Excellence in Reporting on the Environment (Chinese Language Media). This reporting project is a collaboration with China Dialogue, funded by Rainforest Journalism Fund.

My story on Volkwagen’s “dependency” on China: easier to speed up, difficult to slow down received SOPA 2021 Award for Excellence in Business Reporting (Chinese Language Media). This story is a collaboration with Echowall.

My educational background is in public policy and journalism.

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